Helping business partners with family dynamics to reduce friction by giving them the communication tools to build an energised, empowered and motivated team.

Learn how to have laser-focus, delegate effectively, hire the right employees first time and build your dream team.
Build a happy business together and never look back by completing The Maverick Masters Programme.   

Hi, I'm Claire Protheroe

I've walked the entrepreneurial road for over 20 years, and I certainly haven't always been aligned to what I do best! 

I know first-hand what it’s like to be trapped doing work that you are good at, but you don’t enjoy. Unfulfilled and frustrated; desperate for change. Dreading Monday and longing for meaning.

This defining moment of 'professional desperation' catalysed my mission to liberate others from day-to-day routine from work that bores and de-energises 

What exhilarates me is seeing the light in people's eyes after they realise who they are, uncover their potential and watch them use the gifts and talents. 

"There are no prisons more confining than those of which we are unaware" - James Hollis. 

Are you trapped in your business?

  • You're needing to add structure but you don't want to become corporate.
  • You don't know if you have the right people doing the right things
  • ​​​You procrastinate around tasks that you hate doing
  • You're stuck doing mundane tasks that's a waste of your time. ​
  • You're working in your business not on your business.​ 
  • ​There's a breakdown in communication that causes inconsistencies in the business.  
  • You're running out of time to build your legacy

3 ways I can help you…

1. Maverick Accelerator

2. Maverick Accelerator 1:1 Virtual Debrief 

Work with ease, flow and effectiveness

3. Build Strong, Committed, and Energised Teams 

Online and face to face  
strategy group coaching 

Flow & Performance  Coaching 


1. Maverick Assessment

Take the assessment and change your life! 

Book your  Debrief with Claire Protheroe, Developer of the Maverick Accelerator Assessment. 

- Master's in Critical Psychology (2010)
- Yoga Teacher 
- Flow Strategist

2. Maverick Masters Programme 

Part 1:  4-week 'Foundation Course'  
Part 2:  4-week 'Maverick Masters' 

Includes for each module or (roadmap as I like to call it) workbooks, individualized Zoom sessions with Claire Protheroe. 

The Maverick Masters Program is an online program with the goal of empowering couples from around the world to have a great business and a great relationship.

To have freedom and flexibility and to own our time and achieve success that you've designed.

To enjoy their work life, without the all the small, petty frustrations and misunderstandings.

Words our clients have used describe what we have done for them:


The investment of 8 hours could save your business and your relationship.

Our mission is to empower you by giving you the tools to build the business you want and pursue your dreams together.

To teach you to do more of what you love and provide you with the skills to live your strengths to create the life you want! 

3. Build a strong management team 

1. 'Delegate with Confidence'
Learn how to align your staff to tasks and activities that uses their natural strengths. Get more done with less effort.  

Recruit right the first time.

4. Work Flow Strategist 

For your personalised success and well-being. 
One-on-one dream calibration sessions with Claire Protheroe.

Understand your behaviour patterns that may be holding you back, keeping you trapped and playing small.

Implementing science-based Flow strategies and Jungian teaching.

Feel liberated and empowered you to live a life of meaning.
A life that reflects what that matters to you.

Who do I   work with?

  • People who want to pursue work that is meaningful and rewarding. 
  • ​Business owners who want to improve their performance and well-being and align themselves to work that uses their natural strengths. 
  • ​People at a crossroads in their career, looking to make the right decisions that reflect who they are. 
  • People thinking of starting their own business
  • Business owners wanting to back themselves, make fast decision and live without guilt.  
  • ​Coaches and leaders looking to develop their skills.
  • ​Individuals interested in personal growth.


Werner Vorster

CEO of Vitls

The Maverick Accelerator has been really valuable to me. I have to work on where I got the idea that the CEO had to be good at everything.I think that’s holding us back as a company at the moment a lot. That’s very valuable. This has been worthwhile if I just deal with that.

Bianca van Deijzen

Co Founder of Yahno Creative Collective

The insights gained through the Maverick Accelerator test are the building blocks I needed to start changing the course of my life. After taking the assessment I've become more confident in my strengths and clearly identified my weaknesses.

Paul Jason

CEO and Trailblazer 

The identification of these areas (weaker areas) and addressing them has been invaluable to me in my recovery time from the sessions I run. I am a speaker to large audiences of up to 1000 people.
The MA test taught me about flow and where I need to be to recover from the sessions. That has brought a lot of value to me.

Kathy Mann

Author & Public Speaker

It’s really an outstanding tool to help you navigate towards a happier life and career and I would highly recommend it.